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The amount of grease injected into stainless steel bearings should be properly controlled.
For sealed type stainless steel bearings, the manufacturer usually fills the grease with sufficient grease before leaving the factory to ensure its use. In the case of open bearings, a seal is also provided in the main unit during use to ensure that the grease does not leak. Therefore, this involves the problem of the amount of grease injected into the stainless steel bearing.
So, how much grease is injected is the most reasonable? For this question, we will analyze it for you next. First of all, if the amount of grease is too small, during the operation of the stainless steel bearing, it is easy to have some problems, such as easy to lead to fat deficiency, or serious friction problems, and even high temperature problems, which may affect its service life.
So what if there is too much grease? Under normal circumstances, if too much grease is added, it is easy to cause leakage problems, which will not only affect the operation of the equipment, but also cause pollution and waste. If the bearing speed is high, too much grease can even be dangerous. Therefore, it can be seen from the above analysis that the amount of the grease to be added is preferably such that the smaller the amount, the better the stainless steel bearing can be sufficiently lubricated.
That is to say, the amount of stainless steel bearing grease should be kept appropriate, not too much or too little. Everyone should know that the general grease itself has strong adhesion, temperature resistance, wear resistance, rust resistance and lubricity, which can help the bearing to improve its use effect and service life, and also avoid metal grinding. The agglomeration of dust and oil provides a good foundation for the normal operation of the equipment.
So how do we control this amount? In general, for sealed rolling stainless steel bearings, the amount of grease added must not exceed one-half of the internal space. It is shown that the amount of grease in the ball bearing is controlled within the range of 20% to 30%.
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