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Outside the spherical bearing dismantling

Series 390000, outer spherical bearing is through the eccentric sleeve bearing inner ring with fixed axis, eccentric sleeve on the socket head cap screw fastening effect. In maintenance, a lot of machinist will not tear open outfit this kind of bearing, so it is necessary to introduce disassembling series 390000, the main technical points of the outer spherical bearing and the matters needing attention:
Remove the
1. Use the first hexagon wrench, loosen the lock screw on the eccentric bearing sets and then with a small iron rod inserted into the roof sink hole on the eccentric sleeve, against the direction of the axis of rotation to play loose eccentric sleeve.
2. Unscrew the fixed bolt of the bearing. From the bearing, together with the bearing on the shaft will be unloaded. Note bearing on one side of the break shaft before. On the other end of the shaft should be bearing bolt loosening, lest bearings on both ends don't strength and damage to each other.
The installation
1. The shaft bearing before installation, you must first remove the bearing a coat of fixed pin, the shaft neck at the same time clean exterior burnish is smooth, and the journal oil anti-rust and lubrication (allows for a slightly bearings on the shaft rotation).
2. The coating on surface of the bearing and the bearing lubricating oil, put the bearing into the bearing seat. Then assembly good bearing with bearing on the shaft. Up to the required location for installation.
3. Fixed bearing bolts do not tighten, let bearing coat in bearing internal energy. Also installed on the same shaft, on the other side of the bearing and shaft turning laps, make automatic alignment position bearing itself. Then good bearing bolts.
4. The eccentric sleeve. Put on the steps of eccentric set set in the bearing inner sleeve, with the hand along the axis of rotation direction on tight. And then insert the small iron or standing up to the sink hole on the eccentric sleeve. Hammer along the axis direction of rotation of the small iron. Make the eccentric sleeve installation is firm, the socket head cap screw locking eccentric sleeve.