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  • 16条记录
Advantages of 304 stainless steel bearings
(1) Good corrosion resistance, ordinary stainless steel can not be corrosion resistant, will be corroded in acid and alkali environment, and 304 316 stainless steel can be used in strong environment.
(2) Anti-rust, never rust even when placed in water.
(3) Non-magnetic, generally 440 stainless steel bearing magnetic is very large, it can be sucked up with a magnet, and 304 316 is not, especially 316 material can achieve completely non-magnetic.
Buyers requirements
【please customers before order or buy please communicate through the online consulting tools and our salesman first or inquire】
(1) price: the price will be subject to the company actual quotation!
(2) the product problems: all the goods in our company have strict quality inspection before shipment, make sure no problem to delivery!
(3) product image: pictures are shooting in kind, but due to the light and display will be a slight color difference, please understand.
(4) product attributes: before order or before buying, please consult the goods you need to type, size, etc, in order to confirm whether you need the product in stock.
Note: different types of stainless steel bearing can consult customer service online or to inquire.