Welcome to the official website of Wuxi heavy industry micro bearing factory!
We have the spirit of "long  pursuit of high-quality, customer satisfaction as the purpose " ,
"The most preferential price, the most satisfactory service, the most reliable product quality" principle
Forever promise to you:
First, the bearing quality commitment:
1, Our products are in our own factory production to ensure that the original bearing genuine quality.
2, Each batch of bearings are adhere to strict access and checks to eliminate defective products.
Second, the bearing price commitment:
1, In order to ensure high reliability and efficiency of stainless steel bearings, our products are produced by the factory.
2, In the same competitive conditions, our company is not to reduce the bearing quality, service level at the cost of the basis, good faith to provide you with the most preferential price.
Third, the bearing shipment commitment:
1, Bearing delivery:  according to user requirements as far as possible, if there are special requirements, delivery time is particularly shortened, the company may organize special staff to work overtime, and strive to meet user requirements.
2, Tracking: bearings in the delivery process to each of the cargo storage points, there are our staff to track the whole.
3, Door-to-door: In the conditional conditions, the company staff can provide door-to-door service.
Fourth, after-sale service commitment:
1, A principle of service: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough.
2, Service objectives: high  quality to win customer satisfaction.
3, If you have any doubt about the quality of our products, you can return a replacement or a full refund.